Galway, Cork and Dublin.
(ENG3U) Grade 11 ~ English
(ENG4U) Grade 12 ~ English
(ETS4U) Grade 12 ~ Studies in Literature
(EWC4U) Grade 12 ~ Writers Craft
(ADA 4M) Grade 12 ~ Dramatic Arts
(CGW4U) Grade 12 ~ Canadian and World Issues

Galway, Dublin, London and Oxford.
(ENG3U) Grade 11 ~ English
(ENG4U) Grade 12 ~ English
(ETS4U) Grade 12 ~ Studies in Literature
(EWC4U) Grade 12 ~ Writers Craft
(ADA 4M) Grade 12 ~ Dramatic Arts
(HWM4U) Grade 12 ~ History

Galway, Dublin, Florence, Rome and Sperlonga.
(ENG3U) Grade 11 ~ English
(ENG4U) Grade 12 ~ English
(BBB4M) Grade 12 ~ International Business
(ETS4U) Grade 12 ~ Studies in Literature

All Celtic programs are open to any secondary school student aged 15-19, registered in any public, private or separate school in any province or state. The Toronto Catholic District School Board is our educational partner and develops the curriculum and from whom you will receive your credit and the Waterloo District School Board are our educational partners and they develop the curriculum from which you will receive your credit. You won’t ever have to worry about Universities questioning the integrity of the credit you earn while away. Next to the safety
of our students, our top priority is the academic integrity of the courses.

  • Celtic Programs are co-ed and open to all high school students, of any denomination or nationality
  • Students from any Province, State, or country may apply
  • These core English and Social Studies courses place special emphasis on the stimulating and educational opportunities that the Irish, Italian and English environment provides
  • The courses are being offered through and fully accredited by school boards and private schools in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations
  • Ontario Students - Curricula conforms to the grade 11 and 12, Ontario Ministry of Education School Curriculum
  • Out-of-Province Canadian Students - grade 11 or 12 credit. BC credits available
  • USA Students - Junior (grade 11), Senior credit (grade 12) or Advanced Placement

Studies in Literature
Writer's Craft
International Business
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Open to all students everywhere - 2012 offerings include (see below for course outline):

  • Grade 12 English (ENG 4U)
  • Grade 12 Studies in Literature (ETS 4U)
  • Grade 11 English (ENG 3U))
  • History - Grade 12 World History (CHY 4U)
  • International Business - Grade 12 (BBB 4M)
English, Grade 12, University Preparation (ENG 4U)

Prerequisite: English, Grade 11, University Preparation

This course emphasizes consolidation of literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students will analyze a range of challenging texts from various time periods, countries, and cultures; write analytical and argumentative essays and a major paper for an independent literary research project; and apply key concepts to analyze media works. An important focus will be on understanding academic language and using it coherently and confidently in discussion and argument.

What better place to study English than London, Cork, Limerick, Edinburgh and Dublin! Study Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre in London, Macbeth in Edinburgh, Sean O’Casey at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, “Angela’s Ashes” in Limerick, James Joyce and Maeve Binchy in Dublin. This has been our most popular course since its introduction in 1996. The locations are guaranteed to stimulate high levels of interest, enjoyment and success in students literary and communications development. Students will study works appropriate to, and be augmented by the areas and locations in Scotland, Ireland and England which we will be visiting. We will examine literature, plays, poems, prose, fiction and essays by various English, Scottish and Anglo-Irish authors. Surrounded by rich the literary heritage of such places as Dublin, Cork, Edinburgh and London how could one fail to be stimulated and elevated to heights of literary appreciation? Students will study a variety of challenging and stimulating texts, in order to develop their writing, critical thinking and an overall appreciation of literature. Students will write a journal, essays and an independent literary research project.

Studies in Literature, Grade 12, University Preparation (ETS 4U)

Prerequisite: English Grade 11, University Preparation (ENG3U)

This course is for students with a special interest in literature and literary criticism. The course will focus on themes of Scotland, Ireland or England. You will analyse a range of forms and styles of literary texts and respond personally, critically, and creatively to them. Oxford and Oxford/Dublin students will see a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre in London. Students in the Oxford/Dublin and Edinburgh/Dublin Programs will see a play at The Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

The course focuses on the literature of Ireland, Scotland and England by studying a variety of challenging and stimulating texts, by authors such as Hugh Leonard, Swift, Behan, Joyce, Goldsmith, Burns and Wilde to mention but a few. This course is for students with a special interest in English who wish to develop an appreciation and love of Anglo-Irish and Anglo-Gaelic literature. Students will study works appropriate to, and augmented by the areas and locations in Ireland, Scotland and England which we will be visiting. We will examine literature, plays, poems, prose, fiction and essays by various English, Anglo-Gaelic and Anglo-Irish authors. Students will keep a journal, write essays, and complete an independent literary study paper.

The Writer's Craft, Grade 12, University Preparation (EWC 4U)

Prerequisite: English Grade 11, University Preparation (ENG3U)

You are inspired as never before to write in these two great cities of learning and literature. This is a course in creative fiction and non-fiction writing for self-motivated students. Instruction takes place in regular classes, workshops, independent study and 'around-the-town.' The travel journal you keep will be treasured forever.

This course focuses on developing the writing of students with strong skills wishing to improve and hone their talents. Students will concentrate on various forms of essay writing, journals, creative writing and writing for the media. The chosen texts and various locations in Ireland, Scotland and England will serve as a catalyst for students as they expand their creativity and interest in writing. The course focuses on the development of skills related to the writer’s craft. Students will produce a range of works through a variety of techniques, daily writing, individual coaching and suggestions for improvement in small classes. Students will keep a journal, complete a creative or analytical independent study project and be introduced to publishing and writing as a career through field trips and visits.

English, Grade 11, University Preparation (ENG 3U)

Prerequisite: English, Grade 10, Academic

The course focuses on the literature of Ireland, Scotland and England by studying and analyzing a variety of challenging and stimulating texts to emphasize the development of the English language. Students will keep a journal, write essays, and analyze challenging texts and authors chosen to reflect and enhance the locations and sites visited in Ireland, Scotland and England..

Oxfordshire, England and Trinity College Dublin offer a unique opportunities to study English in Oxford, the city of Dreaming Spires and Dublin, Strumpet City. Literature from Shakespeare and D.H. Lawrence will be examined, as well as from former students of Oxford University: Robertson Davies, Lewis Carroll, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, Angus Wilson, Iris Murdoch, and Dorothy Sayers. The aim of this course is to prepare students in grade 11 for the rigours of grade 12 and university English. Writing, with attention to correct language usage, will be emphasized. Students will read and produce essays, short stories, reviews, and articles which will heighten their appreciation of the language and raise important questions about the human condition..

World History: The West and the World, Grade 12, University Preparation (CHY 4U)

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and World Studies, English, or Social Sciences and Humanities.

This course investigates the major trends in Western civilization and world history from the 16th century to the present. Students will learn about the interaction between the emerging West and other regions of the world and about the development of modern social, political, and economic systems. The skills and knowledge developed in this course will enable students to understand and appreciate both the character of historical change and the historical roots of contemporary issues.

"Study History, Study History", advised Sir Winston Churchill when asked how best to prepare oneself for life. Visits to historical sites will enhance your understanding of the past four centuries. Of special interest to the Oxford program is the Cabinet War Rooms and new interactive Churchill Museum in London, and to the Edinburgh/Dublin program, Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin and Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow - all and more are included.

We explore major themes in Western civilization and world history from the Enlightenment to the present including The Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Imperialism, The World Wars, and Civil Rights. A primary focus of this course is to enable students to gain the skills to study and appreciate history and to understand the roots of current issues in their historical context. Students will gain an appreciation and love of history through the stimulating use of field trips to historical locations such as Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, Hadrian's Wall, Holyrood Palace, St. Andrew's in Scotland, and Dublin Castle, Kilkenny Castle and City, The Rock of Cashel, Kilmainham Gaol, Newgrange in Ireland.

International Business, Grade 12 (BBB 4M) - Ireland and Italy - Rome, Sperlonga, Florence, Galway, Trinity College Dublin.

Prerequisite: Any university, University/College, or College preparation course in business studies or Canadian and world studies.
Sample Course outline:

Unit 1: ROME: Welcome To The World of International Business
In one of the world’s fabulous capital cities we’ll begin our exploration of International Business. We’ll study the fast paced Global Economy and Canada’s emerging role. You’ll get a crash course in Economics and International Trade in this stunning Italian setting – the birthplace of modern Accounting. We’ll learn about government programs to assist Importers of products such as designer clothing, footwear and gourmet food products and Exporters in sectors such as Transportation, Environmental and the Aerospace Industry. We’ll work with the Canadian Embassy in Rome and our International Trade Commissioner’s office and their Italian counterparts to learn first-hand the opportunities available to people just like you with global entrepreneurial vision. Our embassy visits will also give us the perfect setting to learn about the intriguing world of International Law and industrial espionage. Finally, you’ll quickly learn the inner workings of foreign exchange with real time currency challenges in this truly global city.

Curriculum Threads:

1 Introduction to The Global Economy & Canada
2 Global Economics & Accounting Principles
3 Role of Governments & Global Business
4 Foreign Exchange & Currency
5 Legal Agreements Around The World

Film Study: Red Corner
Presentations: “Country In A Bag”

Unit 2: SPERLONGA: International Business Management Strategies
On the shores of the Mediterranean, in a world class modern networked hotel, right on the beach, we’ll brainstorm how culture impacts on the challenges of doing business around the planet. You’ll research global marketing campaigns and learn about how consumer behavior varies around the world. In this idyllic setting we’ll also take a look at the innovative approaches of world class corporations such as Apple, Nike, General Electric, FedEx and Toyota to get the best from their human resources. We’ll build virtual organizations and explore how International Business organization design varies from ordinary Canadian companies. We also begin the “Where In The World” business geography game – in the sunshine.

Curriculum Threads:

1 Cultural Influences On Global Business
2 Global Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
3 International Business Organization Design
4 Human Resource Approaches

Film Study: Gung Ho
Presentations: Bi-Lateral Trade
Activity: Geography Challenge

Unit 3: FLORENCE: Success In International Markets
Back from the coast, to the incredible city of Florence, the center of the Renaissance and the great craft Guilds of the past, we’ll learn about the great strides that have been made in modern manufacturing around the world. We’ll visit the famous retail goldsmiths of the city but we’ll also see modern jewellery manufacturing facilities between Florence and Arezzo. Such factories produce most of the world’s gold and silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings which merge the medieval art with high technology. We’ll study the dynamically changing world of the car industry in Europe and around the world and see first-hand the innovations of pioneers like Ferrari in one of our field trips to the town of Maranello. You’ll brainstorm a wide range of goods and services for various global markets with your student partners and then learn the inside secrets of importing and exporting potential consumer products. Jewellery, Fashion and Luxury products will be our focus in this breathtaking capital of Tuscany.

Curriculum Threads:

1 Production & Manufacturing
2 Importing & Export Procedures
3 Developing Goods & Services For Global Markets

Case Study: The Italian Jewellery Industry
Presentations: Dream Import Business

Activity: Making Aircraft
Film Study: TBA

Unit 4: GALWAY: Corporate Social Responsibility & International Career Planning
Moving to Ireland, in the footsteps of Bono and of Bob Geldof, we’ll take up residence at Ireland’s National University in Galway. Interacting with faculty and students from the world famous Irish Centre for Human Rights, we’ll debate the world of Corporate Social Responsibility on a planet of conflicting priorities and shrinking resources. You’ll study the strategic role of Ethics and Social Justice in the modern multinational corporation and critically review cases of progressive firms like The Body Shop, Cathay Pacific and Ben & Jerry’s. We’ll network with some of the many Non Governmental Organizations that focus on Environmental and Social Issues based in Galway, such as the One World Centre and An Taisce. Finally, at the University we’ll research actual international career opportunities, develop individual world class CV resumes and practice our interview skills in an inspiring setting.

Curriculum Threads:

1 Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
2 NGO’s
3 International Career Planning

Presentations: Global Issues Multi-Media
Activities: International Career Research & Resumes

Film Study: A Civil Action

Unit 5: DUBLIN: International Marketing & Technologies
For our final unit of study, we’ll take up residence at Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious university and one of the most respected in the world. Here we’ll study Marketing strategies for global business and brands in one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in Europe. We’ll visit a well established international ad agency and one of the rising new multi-media firms in this hi-tech region. The world of international Information Technology and consumer computer products merge in Ireland thanks to unique incentives by the Irish government. We’ll see and experience this first hand at Dell Computer’s head quarters in Dublin and review global distribution and promotional strategies with company executives. We’ll study systems design, on campus and on site, to support international trade, information and commerce. Our global branding studies will be topped off with a visit to the legendary Guinness St. James Gate brewery and corporate offices. This summer the brewery will be celebrating their 250th Anniversary and we'll be just in time for all the festivities and enhanced tour facilities. We'll complete our course abroad with an incredible culminating activity - a presentation of your own international business proposal at Trinity College based upon all that you've learned along the way!

1 Marketing & Distribution Challenges
2 Global Pricing & Distribution Strategies
3 Global Promotional Strategies
4 Information Technology (IT) Global

Case Study: Dell Computers
Case Study: Guinness Brewery

Film Study: Kinky Boots

Presentation ISU: Global Business Investment Proposals

Credit Information

Grade 11 (3U) and grade 12 (4U) courses are senior secondary school credit courses university admission/preparation courses, they include intensive study and have very high academic standards. Courses are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education.
Credits are being offered through our education partmens listed above.

Please contact Mark at Celtic Learning, if you have any questions about the courses:

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